We are a grass roots, woman-owned company. The Breese pin band was a concept that was born in the barn and designed at the kitchen table. We are trademarked and patent protected. It has been quite a journey and your support is greatly appreciated. We love to see happy faces. Send us photos of your pins in our products and we will be sure to share them on Instagram and Facebook. 

 1). Is my pin band hand-made? 

Yes. Each and every one! 

All of our products are bench-made and hand rubbed to bring out their unique and subtle tones.

2) Is this a product of the USA?

Yes! Local sourcing allows us to closely monitor quality and personally meet our craftsman.

 Breese Pin Band products are made by Amish craftsman in Lancaster county Pennsylvania. The leather used is also locally sourced and prepared using environmentally friendly processes. 

3) Will ANY lapel pin fit?

We can not guarantee this to be correct in all cases. Most lapel pins will. We have tried about a five hundred variations during testing and two did not. We define Standard lapel pin as a pin that is made by a commercial manufacturer and has one receiving post. Brand new pins and older collectibles both lock securely in place.  For display purposes, some people prefer their pins to be wider than the band and some do not. As a guide, the band itself is 3/4"wide.

If your pin has a small secondary prong-that is no problem. Just push your pin in place and press the pin and bracelet together until it "seats itself".

3) Is every band the same? No way! 

Each pin band is assembled by hand so each is slightly different. Of course leather itself is a natural product so it may vary also.

4) Some of the pin holes are slightly off center, will the band still secure my pin?  Absolutely!

 If you find that your pin holes are not perfectly in line-no worries! Make sure your pin is straight and press down. Click-that's it!

5) Where can I find lots of pins for my band? Click on "shop pins under $10.00 to visit PinMart . Also view our collection for our unique and customized pins. So many places! 

Although we do carry our own pins we really hope you enjoy looking for pins everywhere you go. You will find animals, American flags, emojis, and polka dot bikinis. 

Have any other questions that we didn't cover here? If you have any questions, even tiny ones, regarding the product you receive, ideas, suggestions or photos, we would really appreciate your feedback! Please go to our Contact page and we will respond soon.


    " We are all just writing our stories...thank-you for being part of ours "